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Directory-oman.com mission is to develop Omani business by providing easy and instant access to information that you want others to have about your organization; when they need it for the benefit of businesses, society and the economy. Once you decide what information you'd like to present on your Web site, our artists, designers, and programmers can put together an impressive site, and put your establishment in the right location, in one of our domains that is in line with your business category. These include: Business-oman.com, Industries-oman.com, Muscatmall.com. You can sit and relax while we do all the work for you at a price that is
surprisingly affordable.


The Internet is fast becoming the busiest marketplace the world has ever known. Having a presence on the World Wide Web means more than just reproducing existing advertising. It means taking full advantage of the Internet's capability for interactive exhibitions. It is a showcase to allow people to obtain more information about your company and products. It is an efficient way of communicating with your present clients, potential customers, and internal staff; as well as serving as a center from which to sell your products and services.


We are working with the global leader in networks. Your business will be registered with all the leading search engines. You will enjoy the benefits of being hosted by the worlds largest network hosting connection.

Moreover, our pages are distinguished by excellent technical performance ratings including Browser Compatibility, Register-It Readiness, Load Time, Dead Link, Link Popularity, Spelling, and HTML Design.


It is proven that most Internet visitors are those having strong purchasing power, with a medium or high standard of income. A presence on the web will help emphasize the image you are attempting to create for your establishment by promoting your trade mark, agencies and the products you are representing to achieve brand loyalty. This is made available to anyone by transforming your portfolio into an online interactive presentation. Potential clients can view your establishment's pages, interactively and inexpensively at their own discretion. We will make sure that increasing. your online accessibility, both locally and internationally, will result in an increase in the volume of your sales and services and increasing your profit accordingly. For less than the cost of having an advertisement of one eighth of a page in a local newspaper with a very limited circulation, you can have a presence in our directory with several pages showing your addresses, location, and, in fact, any information you want others from any part of the world, to have'about you. Within a few seconds they can view your Website in full color; at any time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.You only pay a flat rate, no matter how many times your site is accessed


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